NFL 2023 Win-Loss Projection Part VIII: NFC East

NFL 2023 Win-Loss Projection Part VIII: NFC East

In the last installment of the NFL 2023 Win-Loss Projection Part VII, we ran through the NFC West, and saw that the 49ers are still the team to beat. You got an in-depth look at where each of those teams would finish the season and why, along with some key games on their respective schedules. Today we’re going to move to the NFC East and project where each team in that division will finish in the Win/Loss columns for 2023. There were a few things happening in the NFC East this offseason that are worth note. The Washington Commanders were sold by Dan Snyder, they hired a new Offensive Coordinator that’s been in the news lately, and they completely revamped their QB Room. The New York Giants gave Daniel Jones a huge contract, and almost lost Saquon Barkley in the process. The Dallas Cowboys didn’t want to pay Ezekiel Elliott, but added another weapon in their passing game with Brandin Cooks. And the Philadelphia Eagles…well, they had another amazing draft and picked up some key Free Agents. Let’s see where they will all finish in 2023.

NFC East

Philadelphia Eagles: 13-4

The Eagles are probably the most complete team in the NFL; on paper they seem to have it all anyway. They got the best DT in the draft with Jalen Carter, and they made a trade to acquire D’Andre Swift. Philly has a tough schedule this year as well, playing the AFC East, and the NFC West. The Eagles Bye is in Week 10, but they should rattle off quite a few wins right away in the beginning of the season, going 8-1 before getting a well-deserved rest. 

DeVonta Smith

Notable Wins: Most of them, including a sweep of Washington. Notable Losses: At the Jets in Week 6 and in the Super Bowl Rematch from last year, at Kansas City in Week 11.

Dallas Cowboys: 10-7

The Cowboys finished 12-5 last year but all the NFC East teams had an easy strength of schedule.

Dallas had the easiest strength of schedule in 2022, facing teams with a .462 winning percentage from 2021. They took advantage of that but will not be so lucky this year, playing the AFC East, and the NFC West. The Cowboys decided to part ways with Ezekiel Elliott, but signed Brandin Cooks, so the pressure will be more solely placed on Dak Prescott’s shoulder pads. Notable Wins: At home Week 8 against the Rams after their Bye Week, and vs. the Motor City Kitties in Week 17. Notable Losses: Weeks 5 and 6 at San Fran and at the Chargers.

Dak Prescott

New York Giants: 8-9

The Giants were 9-7-1 last year with a much easier schedule than what they have this year. They didn’t make a lot of changes to their roster either.

Head Coach Brian DaBoll

They drafted CB, Deonte Banks and Center John Michael Schmitz (Go Gophers!) who should be starters, along with WR Jalin Hyatt, who will likely be a WR4. Other than that, the Giants biggest acquisition was Parris Campbell. Their Bye isn’t until week 13, so look for them to struggle about two months into the season, and drop four of five between Week 8 and Week 12. Notable Wins: Week 4 vs. Seattle and vs. Green Bay after the much-needed Bye Week. 

Notable Losses: Back-to-back beatings at Miami in Week 5, and at Buffalo in Week 6.

Washington Commanders: 4-13

Washington was very lucky to finish 8-8-1 last year with a strength of schedule that was tied with the Cowboys for the WEAKEST. Even with the new Offensive Coordinator Eric Bieniemy, they will have very few commanding leads or wins. Their top two RBs, Brian Robinson Jr. and Antonio Gibson are mediocre at best, and it looks like QB Sam Howell might be the Week 1 starter, that not even Terry McLaurin (who’s getting WAY too much hype) and Jahan Dotson can make to look good. With new ownership this will likely be Ron Rivera’s last season as Head Coach. Notable Wins: Week 1 at home against Arizona, and Week 5 vs. Chicago. 

Head Coach Ron Rivera

Notable Losses: Let’s just say they won’t win a single game in December. Merry Christmas!

This is the eight and final segment of an eight part series that will covers each of the NFL divisions. HOWEVER, now there’s a playoff picture to paint! If you have read each of installments then you know who the Division Champions are, but what about the Wild Card spots? Who’s going to win the tie-breakers? What do the match-ups look like?! Keep checking back or sign up to get notified when a new article has been posted! Thanks for the “read”!


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