First Podcast and YouTube Spot!

First Podcast and YouTube Spot!

Happy Monday, and I hope that everyone had a great 4th of July Weekend! I haven’t posted anything since the NFL draft, because there was nothing really exciting to post about…UNITL NOW! DownfieldRead has been around for one year now. We are celebrating our One-Year Anniversary by branching out with more to Fantasy Football! I’m also starting up a podcast on Spotify and a show on YouTube! 

Fantasy Turf Wars

Fantasy Turf Wars is a revolutionary way to play Fantasy Football at scale. I was accepted to play in a 64 team league (4 Divisions with 16 Teams) to see who is the Ultimate Fantasy Football Champion (UFFC?). Each division operates within its own bubble, with each having their own set of player data to operate. Each division will draft independently. At the end of the regular season (Week 14) the Top 2 teams in each division will be seeded into a bracket playoff. Each playoff game is single elimination. The Championship Match (which will more than likely be me and some unlucky soul) is during Week 17.

Fantasy Couriers

Fantasy Couriers (DJ Dove and JJ Wang) were gracious enough to invite me to their show over this last weekend! I could not be more appreciative. We talked about Dynasty Wide Receiver Rankings, soggy hotdog buns, and gave a lot of great insight to this years’ pool of WRs…not a pool filled with soggy hotdog buns. Check it out, AND stay tuned afterwards because it IS a TWO PART podcast. 

DownfieldRead Spotify and YouTube

Later this month I will be airing my own podcasts on Spotify and recording YouTube shows. Please be sure to Subscribe, Follow, Like, Share, etc. to get some of the best NFL content that you can find! Thank you, everyone! Let’s keep looking downfield!!


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