My name is Jeff DeMers and I love the game of football like a fat kid loves a Thanksgiving buffet. Football was built into my DNA at birth, unlike the elasticity in my ligaments and tendons, seeing as how those have been torn up faster than a Bill Belichick sleeveless hoodie. I had aspirations of playing college ball for the Miami Hurricane in the mid 90’s after all of their championships, but being a 5’10” 170lbs above-average speed kid from Minnesota wasn’t exactly Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket. However, considering the Hurricane’s financial aid scandal and other violations in the mid-90’s which caused them to lose scholarships and led to their ultimate demise, maybe it worked out for the better.

At US Bank Stadium

Minnesota State University, Mankato (GO MAVS!) became my landing spot, where I graduated with a degree in Sports Management after completing an internship as the Marketing Manager with the original Indoor Football League’s Minnesota Purple Rage. After their inaugural season, the IFL was bought out by AF2 and the Purple Rage were not invited to continue their mediocrity, officially ending my work experience for a football organization. Unless you count when I coached my son’s flag football team when he was seven…but, probably not.

After graduating college, I applied at every NFL organization; determined to land my dream job with whichever team would give me a shot! After applying to all 31…or 32 teams (I don’t recall if I had applied with the expansion Houston Texan), I was offered one position; another internship with the Seattle Seahawks, with no guarantee of a job afterwards. Needless to say, I passed on that faster than Peyton Manning’s release from the shotgun. Note to readers: if an NFL team offers you a position with them, you should just take it. Little did I know that turning down that offer would end up being a worse Pick Six than any that Brett Favre had thrown in his record-breaking career.

Fast forward through Tom Brady’s entire career, and he personally has more punts that have been downed inside the 20-yard line than I have had NFL job offers. Seriously, he’s had one, which is kind of ridiculous. So, I’ve set my goal on doing what I love, and writing about what I know. I’m not here to solve the football world’s problems; I just want to play upon the NFL field to a limited degree, and not receive too many penalties for taunting along the way.

If you also have an obsession for entertaining yet informational NFL content all year-round, then this blog is for you! I will try harder than Brian Hoyer tries to get a starting QB job in the NFL to put out two to three appealing, thought-provoking, and engaging publications every week to serve my “readers”. Let’s look downfield together! If you don’t want to miss a thing, sign up for free updates by entering your email!