2023 NFL Best Quarterback Room Part III: NFC East

2023 NFL Best Quarterback Room Part III: NFC East

If you have not started with 2023 NFL Best Quarterback Room Part One, please do so for a brief explanation of how it originally came into existence and why it reads as it does. After that, check out Part Two! As always, I hope you enjoy…

Washington Commanders/Sam Howell:

Yes, Sam Howell is currently the best QB on this team, since they decided to release Carson Wentz, who is only slightly better. Last season, Sam threw for a whopping 169 yards with 1 TD and 1 INT. He was drafted in the 5th round from North Carolina, and if you look close enough, you can see Baker Mayfield 2.0. Washington just got a new Offensive Coordinator that you might know…Eric Bieniemy, from the KC Chiefs, and this QB situation isn’t going to work for Eric. There is no way that he took this job knowing that it was “all in” with Howell. 

Sam Howell

The ‘Skins are going to sign a “mobile QB” like Pro-Bowler, Tyler Huntly, or possibly Jacoby Brissett or Jameis Winston (since the Saints signed Derek Carr).

Jacoby Brissett

UPDATE (April 5th): DING DING DING! We have a winner!! The Washington Red…manders signed Jacoby Brissett!! Now let’s see if Jacoby is the starter after the team gets bought by someone else!

UPDATE II (April 14th): Dan Snyder has sold the team for a measly $6B to a group of other millionaires and billionaires, which include Magic Johnson…weird. Currently Howell is listed as QB1, Brissett as QB2, and they picked up Jake Fromm who has one year of “experience” with the Giants last year.

UPDATE III (May 1st): Washington did not draft a QB this year; not shocking considering they drafted Sam Howell and picked up Jacobry Brissett as an insurance policy in case Howell can’t live up to second-year expectations. However, they have picked up Tim DeMorat (I kinda like the last name) as an undrafted rookie, who graduated from Fordham University, who likely won’t make it past pre-season.

New York Giants/Daniel Jones:

Daniel Jones wants $45M per year. LMAO. Ok, there is not a team in the NFL that is going to give Jones that kind of money long term for having one good (not great, not excellent, not MVP-caliber) year. HOWEVER, the Giants are kind of over a giant barrel. 

Their backup QB (and currently only other QB on the roster) is Tyrod Taylor. Oof! Rumor also has it that Saquon Barkley is headed out. Geez, you kind of need Jones at QB now; at least for one year anyway. So, here comes the Franchise Tag! Why does it make sense to Tag Jones? Because the Giants have ELEVEN draft picks this year, including four in the first three rounds. So, Danny Jones, welcome to your last year in New York as a Giant under the Tag unless you put up some amazing numbers and get a long-term extension. Otherwise, the Giants will draft a QB to take over for you next year.

Daniel jones, "But I got paid"

UPDATE (March 8th): Giants and Daniel Jones agree to a 4year/$160M contract. WOW! THEN, the Giants put the Franchise Tag on Saquon Barkley, who has already said that he will not play on the Tag. I’m calling it now; this is a dumb move.

UPDATE II (May 1st): The Giants did not draft a QB, which only makes sense now because they signed Jones to a long-term deal, and they have veteran Tyrod Taylor. After the draft they scooped up Illinois QB, Danny…erm…TOMMY DeVito, who’s NFL career may be short, based on how he does in training camp and pre-season.

Dallas Cowboys/Dak Prescott:

Dak Prescott is under contract for the next two years ($49.1M and $52.1M respectively against the Cap), and he’s not going anywhere. At least, not this year. Dak is also 29 years old and should have done A LOT more with the weapons that he’s had in the past. The ‘Boys have a backup in Will Grier, but Cooper Rush was the backup last season while Dak was hurt. Cooper will be one of these journeyman QBs that I referenced earlier; he’s not starting material, but he’s good enough to compete in Seattle or San Fran or something. The Cowboys have nine draft picks this year, and most are in the 5th round, where I expect them to draft another QB to be the REAL backup behind Dak.

Dak Prescott, "My bad"

UPDATE (April 7th): The Cowboys have re-signed Cooper Rush to backup Dak for the next two years. So, both QBs with have the same contract end date. What could possibly go wrong there? Either way, this changes how I feel about them drafting a QB this year; they probably won’t now.

Hi! I'm Cooper Rush!

UPDATE II (April 21st): The Cowboys have now re-signed Will Grier, who was the QB3 last year behind Rush. They had hopes for Grier to be QB2 last year, but that didn’t really work out, so I’m not entirely sure why they brought him back considering he hasn’t etched a single stat since he was with the Panthers in 2019. But this likely solidifies that they will not draft a QB next week. They must REALLY not like the QB class this year.

UPDATE III (May 1st): In a shocker (sense the sarcasm), the Boys did not draft a QB, nor have they picked up an undrafted rookie QB.

Philadelphia Eagles/Jalen Hurts:

The Eagles are pretty set. They were just in the Super Bowl, and Hurts has one year left on his contract.

Jalen Hurts *bang bang*

If they choose to re-sign him now or after the season, they are going to keep him. Ian Book is the backup (not that it matters) for the next two years, so there is no reason to contemplate drafting a QB either. They have six picks in the draft, so they won’t waste any on a QB. What more news do you expect from a Super Bowl team?

UPDATE (April 5th): The Eagles went out and got themselves a viable backup in Marcus Mariota. This is a hell of a pick-up for a team that probably will never use him, unless of course Hurts gets…hurts.

UPDATE II (April 17th): Sometimes it just feels good being right. The Eagles re-signed Hurts to a 5-Year deal, so he’s there to stay with Mariota backing him up, and Book at QB3. Not bad, Eagles.

UPDATE III (May 1st): Huh…the Eagles drafted Tanner McKee from Stanford in the sixth round (pick 188). I guess Book just got some competition for QB3, or they just needed someone else to take the shots at QB during the preseason. Either way…

Best Quarterback Room?

This is TOUGH! I mean, this is probably the toughest one that we’ve seen so far in the three divisions that we’ve covered. Outside of the Commodores, who have an unproven, second-year QB possibly starting for them, the other three teams all have very good starting Quarterbacks. If we were just talking about STARTING QBs, then Hurts would be the hands-down favorite, leading the other four in Passing Yards Per Game, Rating, and QBR last year. Oh, not to mention Hurts almost lead the Eagles to a Super Bowl last year. Each team has a great back-up as well. Brissett, Rush, Mariota, and Taylor are all proven QBs that I would put between 30-40 overall, with Brissett ranked highest seeing as how he was 21st in passing yards, 27th in TDs, and 8th in QBR last year. Jacoby may just be the starter for the Washington Comedians at some point in 2023. Mariota was 21st in Rating, and 13th in QBR, right behind Dak, so the Eagles have the best overall QB Room. Of course, their #1 Rated Offensive Line makes it a little easier to be a QB in the NFL. Stay tuned for more Quarterback Room breakdowns, and thanks for the “read”!


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