2023 NFL Best Quarterback Room Part VI: AFC West

2023 NFL Best Quarterback Room Part VI: AFC West

If you have not started with 2023 NFL Best Quarterback Room Part One: NFC North, please do so for a brief explanation of how this series originally came into existence and why it reads as it does. After that, check out Part Two: NFC West, Part Three: NFC East, Part Four: NFC South, and Part V: AFC South. As always, I hope you enjoy…

Denver Broncos/Mr. Unlimited (Russell Wilson):

Russell Wilson is under contract for the next five years, and while his play was abysmal last season, the Broncos aren’t going to divert away from him. Denver has a backup in Jarrett Guarantano…whoever the hell that is. Not that it would matter though, because the Broncos only have five total draft picks, and none of them are in the first two rounds. So, good luck with that! Any QB additions that Denver makes for a backup will be minimal, and if they don’t finish last in the division, it will be a miracle.

Russell Wilson

UPDATE (April 6th): The Broncos have added a minimal backup (AS PREDICTED) in Jarrett Stidham. He’s been in the league for three years. Two years were with the New England Patriots and then last year Stidham with the Las Vegas Raiders. Jarrett’s career stats are 77 for 131 with 6 TDs and 7 INTs. Like I said, “minimal backup”. I guess they like QBs named Jarrett.

UPDATE II (May 19th): The Broncos didn’t draft a QB this year and must have felt out of the spotlight after their terrible trade last season for Mr. Unlimited.

So, Denver went out and signed former XFL QB and your favorite Wal-Mart Greeter, Ben DiNucci!! Well, if nothing else, Sean Payton is trying to make this entertaining. DiNucci will very likely get cut either during or after preseason, failing to beat either of the Jarretts.

UPDATE III (July 25th): Denver released Jarrett Guarantano today, making Ben DiNucci the official QB3.

Las Vegas Raiders/Chase Garbers:

If you’ve never heard of Chase Garbers, well, you’re not alone. Apparently, Garbers played at Cal and then went undrafted. So, the Raiders are screwed. They are the epitome of desperation. They aren’t going to get Mariota back, and Jimmy Garappolo doesn’t seem like a good option, so enter Carson Wentz. No, it’s not pretty, but neither is he. Maybe they go after Jacoby Brissett or Mike White as well. 

Chase Garbers

The good news is that they have NINE draft picks, including lucky number seven, which sounds good in Vegas, right!? The Raiders will get a franchise QB but will also need a veteran with some starting experience to get through the first year.

UPDATE (April 6th): Well, I was wrong on the Jimmy G option not looking good for the Raiders. Garoppolo signed a three-year contract with Las Vegas, and they got him for cheap too. The thing about Jimmy is that his style of play is a lot like the guy that they just let walk away (Derek Carr). Then, the Raiders went out and got Brian Hoyer! Remember when I said they needed someone with experience? Well, they got it. Sure, he’s only played in 76 games over 15 years (average of five games per year), but he has EXPERIENCE. Yes, “old man Hoyer” who has made more money in the NFL as a backup than should be legal! He’s been in the league for 15 years with seven different teams, and three different stints with the New England Patriots. So, Garbers is now #3 as he should be, not having recorded a single stat in the NFL. Don’t be surprised if the Raiders still take a QB in the later rounds of the draft.

Jimmy Garoppolo

UPDATE II (May 1st): I think the Raiders realized that they needed someone better than 37 year old, Brian Hoyer and Chase Garbers, because they drafted Purdue QB Aiden O’Connell at the end of the 4th round, where he was mainly projected to go. Is he better than Garbers? Probably. Is he an option for when Hoyer breaks his hip of old age (I understand that Brady was in his mid-forties, just let me have this one)? Absolutely. O’Connell is big and slow, but that’s what you expect in the 4th to 5th rounds. He’s already listed as QB3. I hope Garbers wasn’t excited about being #1 two months ago.

Old Man Hoyer

UPDATE III (May 30th): Ruh-roh! Maybe I WAS right on Jimmy G not looking good! Lol Jimmy G has not been able to pass a physical for his foot that he injured in December when he was still a member of the 49ers. Honestly, I don’t think this is a big deal though. Preseason is still two months away, and it’s not like Jimmy is a rookie trying to learn the speed of the NFL. There’s also a clause in his contract about the injury, and the Raiders could cut ties with him without having to pay him anything. So, they will hang onto Jimmy as long as they can, while knowing that Carson Wentz and Teddy Bridgewater are still free agents.

Los Angeles Chargers/Justin Herbert:

The Chargers are sitting well with Herbert, but need to figure out what they are going to do for a viable back up. Herbert is young and in the last year of his contract, making $8.5M with a fifth-year option that will no-doubt get picked up (or they will re-sign him long term). The Chargers need a backup, and it doesn’t really matter from where. They have all seven of their draft picks…and they’ll probably bring in some non-expensive veteran just to make sure they can keep their playoff dreams going, should Herbert get hurt.

Justin Herbert

UPDATE (March 24th): The Chargers have re-signed a QB that was on the team in 2020 (that nobody else wanted in the last two years), named Easton Stick, which is what we used to call baseball bats back in the day. They still need another QB and Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco would both be good options here.

UPDATE II (May 1st): For over a month the Chargers have done nothing as it pertains to their quarterback situation until the draft. It looks as though they will be moving ahead without a veteran QB (for now) and drafted a so-so college QB with the 22nd pick in the 7th round, Max Duggan from TCU. 

The Horned Frogs finished their season by getting stomped by Georgia 65-7 in hopes of playing for a National Championship. I remember watching TCU play Kansas State while I was waiting for a delayed flight at the airport thinking, “this kid is really not that great”. In that game, he went 18 of 36 with a TD and a pick, but also had 110 rushing yards on 15 carries. Max might be better than Stick, but when the Chargers bring in a vet, Duggan will be QB3.

UPDATE III (July 25th): The Los Angeles Chargers agreed to terms with Justin Herbert on a five-year $262.5 million contract extension, making Herbert the highest paid player in the NFL.

Kansas City Chiefs/Patrick Mahomes:

Patrick Mahomes. That’s really all that needs to be said. They have a backup that you don’t know, they’ll get another one that won’t matter. See you in the Super Bowl…you bastards.

Patrick Mahomes

UPDATE (April 21st): The Chiefs went out and got a QB who’s on his way to being the next Brian Hoyer; Blaine Gabbert. He just spent the last three years in Tampa Bay backing up Tom Brady, and now he has to back up the NEW best QB in the league. This is proof that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. This guy has literally held a clipboard (or tablet now, I guess) behind two of the greatest QBs in the last decade. Gabbert has been in the league for eleven years, played in 67 games and has almost as many INTs as TDs (47 to 51). The Chiefs also still have Shane Buechele, who they signed two years ago and hasn’t recorded a single stat, and Chris Oladokun, who they signed in 2022…who also hasn’t recorded a single stat. Do you see why it doesn’t matter who the backup is?

Best Quarterback Room?

You just can’t argue that Patrick Mahomes isn’t the best Quarterback in the NFL. He’s definitely better than Herbert, Garoppolo, or Wilson. The sad part is (unless your a Chiefs fan) that Kansas City also has the best QB Room out of these four teams, Meaning, if one of these starters goes down with an injury, which QB2 are you going to pick? The Chargers and Broncos both have younger, unproven QBs, and the Raiders have…Brian Hoyer. I’ll take Gabbert over Hoyer, which then gives the AFC West’s best QB Room to the Chiefs, Congrats! You win again! Just one more reason why Kansas City has the best chance to win the AFC West again this year. Thanks for “read”!


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