NFL 2023 Week Two Biggest Disappointments

NFL 2023 Week Two Biggest Disappointments

Week Two of the NFL Season is wrapped up and we are seeing some teams play way better than most people gave them credit for (Tampa Bay, Washington, maybe Miami), and a few teams that should be reading Football for Dummies. There were quite a few upset games this week with a few head-scratchers and disappointing losses. But who headlines this “Mount Rushmore of Disappointment”?

Los Angeles Changers

Before the 2023 NFL season began I had the Chargers winning their first two games, and three of four games before their Bye Week in week five. Obviously, that’s not going to happen now after back-to-back losses to the Miami Dolphins at home and losing to the Titans in Tennessee this last weekend. 

What is the deal?! Well, they’re giving away more points (63) than your drunk uncle telling you how to catch fish. Giving up 63 points in the first two games is the worst in the AFC and third worst in the NFL behind the Giants the Bears. That’s not good company to be in. They’re also last in the NFL in Yards Allowed and tied with four other teams who do not have a single sack on the year yet. 

The Chargers have one of the most explosive offenses in the NFL but can’t seem to stop anyone from getting into the endzone. In the AFC, teams are going to have to win at least 10 games to make the playoffs, which means the Chargers are going to have to go 10-5 to prove they deserve to be there again.

Cincinnati Bengals

The highest paid player in the NFL is having a tough start to his new contract. Joe Burrow has completed only 56.9% of his passes for 304 yards, two TDs and a pick. Cincinnati is another team that you would have expected to be 2-0 at this point, but lost badly to the Browns in Cleveland, and then dropped a close one to the Ravens at home. Their next three games SHOULD be winnable (Rams at home, at Tennessee, and at Arizona), but the Bengals’ Burrow has a bum calf. One would think that you could drop any QB into that offense with Mixon, Chase, Higgins, and Boyd and have success, but I wouldn’t count on it, especially playing in a tough division like the AFC North. The Bengals started last year 0-2 as well, and ended up winning the AFC North, but injuries to other teams assisted with that outcome. If Cinci can make it to 3-3 before their Week 7 Bye, they should be able to salvage their season.

Denver Broncos

Going to the Train Station?

Before the first game even started, I had predicted that the Broncos would finish the 2023 season with a record of 4-13. It looks like they are going to prove me right here. The sad part is that I had Denver winning their first two games against the Raiders and Washington. Statistically (so far) the Broncos don’t have a terrible team, and they lost their two games by one point and two points. However, that was against two other teams that nobody expects to be around at the end of the season either. How is Denver going to complete with Miami, the Chiefs, Buffalo, the Chargers…? We’re just getting into Week 3 and the Broncos season is already dead. Stop the chest compressions and pull the plug, it’s done. The front office there should be looking at college football already to see who they’re going to take within the first three picks.

Houston Texans

I doubt anybody had the Texans beating the Ravens in Baltimore, but losing to the Colts at home is a bad loss. Houston has the third largest point differential between points scored and points given up in the NFL behind the Bears and the Giants, who got smoked 40-0 to the Cowboys in Week One. I had the Texans only winning five games this years, but if they aren’t careful, they won’t win a game before their Bye in Week 7. Stroud has put up some very good numbers for a rookie, completing 63.7% of his passes for 626 yards, two touchdowns and no interceptions. CJ has taken 11 sacks so far, but he isn’t necessarily the problem though. Houston doesn’t have much for an offensive line and it shows in their rushing game with Dameon Pierce and Devin Singletary. So they can’t sustain drives, score more often, and wear down opposing defense. Stroud is doing what he can, but even if they do get a lead on another team, they won’t be able to run down the clock. The Texans defense is going to have to step up and get more turnovers in order to win games this year. Thanks for the “read”!


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