Los Angeles Chargers 2024 Free Agents

Los Angeles Chargers 2024 Free Agents
Austin Ekeler, Gerald Everett and Kenneth Murray Jr

The San Diego…sorry, LOS ANGELES Chargers finished the 2023-2024 NFL season at 5-12 for the “honor” of being the fifth worst team in the league. They are also one of four teams that finish in the bottom five worst records to make a Head Coach change by hiring former Michigan Wolverines (and former San Francisco 49ers) Head Coach, Jim Harbaugh. Kudos to the Chargers for getting the BEST “free agent” HC on the market. This was such a perfect hiring for the Chargers organization to make in order to get the best out of their young Quarterback, Justin Herbert. Harbaugh is renowned for developing talent at the QB position, even in a trash player such as Colin Kaepernick. PLUS, they get the added bonus to refer to Jim and Justin as “Harbs and Herbs”. Just make sure that you’re pronouncing the “H” in Herbs; it’s not like he’s cilantro or parsley or something. So that’s one “Free Agent” down and many more to go in order to get out the AFC West basement. Let’s take a downfield read to figure out who else the Bolts should re-sign before they rebuild.


I’m not sure who underperformed more this year; the Chargers or the Jacksonville Jaguars. What I do know is that the Bolts should have done A LOT better than they did. While the Chargers finished 13th in passing yards, which is respectable to an extent, they finished 18th in total yards, 21st in points scored, and 25th in rushing yards. They had one offensive Pro Bowler in Kennan Allan, which they should thank their lucky stars isn’t up for a new contract. Herbert broke his index finger on his throwing hand on December 10th against the Broncos, and his backup, Easton Stick (no, not slang for a “baseball bat”) took over. While Stick played well enough, the Bolts also have Will Grie and Max Duggan, so Stick becomes expendable. Sadly, out of the roughly dozen free agent’s on the Bolts offense, I would say that only one is TRULY a “Must Re-Sign”. I would keep Joshua Kelley because I would also dump Asutin Ekeler, who rushed for only 628 yards (38th behind two QBs) for 3.5 yards per carry, and 45 yards per game. Those are nowhere near RB1 numbers. Ekeler is going to start next season at 29 years old, and he’s cashed as a starting RB. Kelley is 26, ran for 405 yards and 3.8 YPC, AND you can probably re-sign him for three years and $6M…total, not per year.

Wide Receivers Alex Erickson, Jalen Guyton and Keelan Doss can all go as well. They COMBINED for 32 receptions for 355 yards. While the Chargers have Keenan Allen, Joshua Palmer and Quentin Johnston, they can go fishing for some younger, more high-potential WRs. The Bolts can also let Tight End’s Gerald Everett and Nick Vannett walk. Everrett had 51 receptions for 411 yards (24th for TEs), and 8.1 yards per receptions, which was LOWEST among starting TEs. Let Donald Parham Jr take over the starting TE role. On the O-Line, Centers Cameron Tom and Will Clapp are both FA’s, but I think the Chargers need an upgrade here, especially since their running game was so bad last year. I realize that means the Bolts are left with 33-year-old Corey Linsley who might retire. If that’s the case, re-signing Cameron Tom for cheap and knowing that he will be your backup isn’t a bad plan. Right Tackles, Foster Sarell and Zack Bailey could be let go as well. I would personally keep Sarell though as a solid backup, but it’s really going to depend on how much you can re-sign him for.


Defense wins championships, and if there’s been a common trend with the “bottom five” teams, it’s been that they have really bad defenses. You wouldn’t think that would be the case with the Bolts seeing as how they have big names like Khalil Mack (17 sacks, 21 tackles for a loss) and Joey Bosa (6.5 sacks and 8 tackles for a loss in 9 games), but it absolutely is. The Chargers finished 8th in sacks, but it goes downhill from there. They ended 17th against the rush, 21st in takeaways, 24th in points allowed, 26th in INTs, 28th in total yards allowed, and 30th in passing yards allowed. The “good news” is that there are over a dozen defensive players that are free agents this spring.

The guys that I would make “Must Re-Sign” FAs are Inside Linebacker Kenneth Murray Jr, Cornerback Michael Davis, and Free Safety Gilman (but only by default). Murray is a solid ILB (mid-ILB2 area) on a team that is seriously lacking here. He tallied 107 tackles (seven for a loss), three sacks and one INT. Oh, and he’s 25 years old. I would give him a four-year deal considering your other starting ILB (Eric Kendricks) is going to start next season at 32 years old, and you don’t have another option. Davis has spent all seven of his years with the Bolts and I would re-sign him ONLY as a backup option for the next three years. Davis gets one pick a year and his ability to break up passes has diminished. He would be a sold #3 CB though. Gilman I wouldn’t have chosen to re-sign because he’s been inconsistent and injury prone. HOWEVER, the other three Free Safety’s that the Chargers have are also FA’s (Jaylinn Hawkins, AJ Finley, and Raheem Layne), and they have done next to nothing. On top of letting those three go, I would also not re-sign DE Nick Williams, NT Austin Johnson, LBs Blake Lynch, Tanner Muse, Amen Ogbongbemiga, and Justin Hollins, CB Essang Bassey, and Strong Safety Dean Marlowe.

Special Teams and More

Heck, yeah, I would re-sign Cameron Dicker! He made 100% of the extra point attempts and 94% of his field goal tries. Dicker made a 55-yarder this year, and missed only two FGs total, and they were from 50+ yards away. Give that Dicker a raise! Outside of him, they’ll need to find a bunch of special team players unless they choose to re-sign a bunch of the back-ups that I wouldn’t bother putting an emphasis on bringing back.

Harbaugh has his work cut out for him in his inaugural season as the Chargers HC, but I honestly believe that he is the only man for the job though. I’m so confident in Harbs that I am willing to predict that the Chargers will be next years “Texans”. Los Angeles WILL make the playoffs next year, and I think they put some heat on the Chiefs. The Bolts underachieved this year, they are going to have an easier schedule next year (Panthers, Falcons, Cardinals, Patriots, Titans, Bucs…), and if they can draft well, and find a few more solid pieces in the offseason, they will win twice as many games in 2024-25. You heard it here first (maybe)! We can only hope that they will dethrone KC! Thanks for the “read” everyone, and don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss out on more analysis and predictions!


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