DeAndre The Titan

DeAndre The Titan

If DeAndre Hopkins had signed with the New York Giants, it would have made my headline a lot more relatable and entertaining to anyone who watched professional wrestling in the 80’s and 90’s, or to anyone who had seen The Princess Bride. However, Hopkins did not sign with the Giants, he decided to join the Tennessee Titans, which is great for the Titans seeing as how they had arguably the worst ranked WR room in the NFL. But why does it make sense for D-Hop?

Two weeks ago, I had Tennessee in my Top 3 teams who desperately needed a #1 Wide Receiver, along with the Packers and Ravens, so it makes sense to me why the Titans would go after him. They NEED him like the owner of the Las Vegas Raiders, Mark Davis, needs a new hair style. Based on what DeAndre had told everyone in an interview about what he was looking for in his next team (a QB who loves the game, a great defense and stable management), I shifted gears a bit and looked at another WR needy club, the New England Patriots, who seem to fit all those criteria. So why did D-Hope choose the Titans? 

Mark Davis

Benjamin’s…Cheddar…Bread. Like Randy Moss said, “Straight cash, homie”. Two years with $26 million that could be as much as $32 million with incentives. Yahtzee!

It certainly wasn’t for the defense. In 2022 the Titans ranked 23rd in yards allowed per game, 22nd in turnover differential (at -3), and 15th in points allowed per game. So, scratch that from his list of “requirements”. How about ownership? Well, the Titans have kept it in the family since they were the Houston Oilers pre-1997, so that’s not an issue. However, the coaching staff has certainly seen its fair share of turnover. Since Jeff Fisher left in 2010, they’ve had Mike Munchak, Ken Whisenhunt, Mike Mularkey, and now Mike Vrabel. 

Ryan Tannehill

Four Head Coaches in the last 13 years isn’t exactly stable, even if the latest Mike has been HC since 2018. So, it must have been for the quarterback, right? Let’s be honest, Ryan Tannehill is going to turn 35 on July 27th, he only played twelve games last season due to a reoccurring ankle sprain, and the Titans were rumored to have been shopping him around before the draft this year. If the Titans get off to a sluggish start, Tannehill will likely be benched for rookie, Will Levis, or second-year disappointment, Malik Willis. Either move does not bode well for Hopkins.

What does the addition of Hopkins mean for the Titans? Not much. I thought the Titans would only win six or seven games this year, but now, they might win eight or nine. They still won’t make the playoffs, and Hopkins will finish his career in Tennessee like Eric Moulds did in 2007. After ten stellar seasons in Buffalo, Moulds wasted his last year in Tennessee catching 32 passes for 342 yards. 

Or like Randy Moss, who spent 2010 in Tennessee catching six passes for 16 yards. Or he could end up like Harry Douglas who left Atlanta and played his last three years (2015, ’16, and ’17) as a Titan, catching a total of 52 passes for 629 yards. Or most recently, Julio Jones, in 2021 catching 31 passes for 434 yards. D-Hop could have gone just about anywhere, but it would seem that getting paid is more important than getting a ring. Thanks for the “read”!

Randy Moss

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