2024 NFL Mock Draft 2.0

2024 NFL Mock Draft 2.0

I’m a little later than other bigger sites to be putting out the first version of a mock draft, but there are reasons for that. First, because I like to wait until the first wave of free agency mayhem dies off. Second, most of the scouting, pro-days, and visits have been completed. Third, because I have full time job outside of this, so cut me some slack, alright? We are still a month away from the 2024 NFL draft, so I’m sure this will be just one of many changing mock drafts. Leave some comments and let me know what you think! 

1. If the Bears were smart, they would find a way to get out of this spot. Caleb Williams is NOT the guy. Justin Fields COULD have been the guy, especially with the tools that were added to the offense this offseason, but we will never know. I would trade this pick to Washington straight up at this point. 

Williams didn’t beat any ranked teams last year, couldn’t come back from behind, cried like a baby, and now wants ownership options. You have to question his mental toughness, and that makes him a terrible #1 pick. He’s a franchise KILLER! Bears: Do NOT feed the WILLIAMS!

2.  Drake Maye is POSSIBLY the best QB in the draft (between him and Jayden Daniels). I said the same thing about CJ Stroud over Bryce Young last year, and I’m saying it about Maye this year. If Washington doesn’t take him, they are FOOLS.

3.  New England NEEDS a QB. 31-year-old Jacobi Brissett is not the guy you want to hand your offense over to if you’re new Head Coach Jerod Mayo. Jayden Daniels is the SECOND best QB of the group, and you can look for him to make an immediate impact. If Daniels goes to Washington at #3, then you gotta love the Drake.

4.  Arizona is starving for a great WR since DHop left, and “Hollywood” Brown didn’t work out. Marvin Harrison Jr. is just that guy, and the Cards get lucky that the first three teams are QB needy.

5.  A lot of people think the Chargers are going to trade this pick to Minnesota, but they WON’T. The Bolts need a WR as well after letting Keenan Allen go. Herbs and Harbs will add Nabers to their young and talented group featuring Joshua Palmer and Quentin Johnston.

6.  THIS is where the Vikings make their move to get a franchise QB. The Giants don’t have an immediate need to pick right here, so they’ll take advantage of Minnesota’s inability to keep Kirk Cousins. JJ to J.J. for the TD. How about that?

7.  Tennessee needs to protect its young QB, and what better way than by taking the best OT in the draft. Joe Ott reminds me of Joe Thomas, and he should be in the league for a long time.

8.  The Falcons need to add some youth to their defense, and without Calais Campbell, they also need to add some pressure on opposing QBs. Dallas Turner is the best Edge in the draft.

9.  Here’s the first change in Draft 2.0. Originally, I thought the Bears would bookend Darnell Wright (Chicago’s first pick last year) with Olu Fashanu, but now I’m thinking they’re going WR to give Caleb Williams another weapon. At 6’3, Odunze will be a hard target to miss, and the Bears will go “all-in” to make Williams look like a winner.

10.  Jets are NOT taking a Tight End here. Stop it. Tyler Conklin was 13th in receiving yards for TEs with TERRIBLE QBs! The Jets need to PROTECT RODGERS and they have probably the oldest OT duo in the league. The Bears passed on Olu Fashanu, but the Jets won’t!

11.  After the Giants trade their earlier pick to the Vikings they address their need on defense. Giants were 29th in sacks last year. Verse should help remedy that.

12.  Denver doesn’t have to move to get it’s QB of the future in Bo Nix. You didn’t think that they were going to ride with Jerrett Stidham or Ben DiNucci, did you? Don’t be fooled by any other position; the Broncos are going QB!

13.  The Raiders were 30th in rushing yards and 23rd in passing yards. O-Line and is a must, and LV has three viable options to choose from, but Fuaga is more balanced.

14.  The Saints are another team that need OL help, and JC Latham falls right into their laps. Going from Alabama to Louisiana shouldn’t be a tough move, and he’ll bookend Trevor Penning.

15.  The Colts need more production out of the Tight Ends. Whether it’s Anthony Richardson dumping it off so he doesn’t have to run so much (and get injured) or Joe Flacco coming in to save the season, Brock Bowers will provide another great receiving option.

16.  From Washington Huskie to Seattle Seahawk, Fautanu is a guy that helps this offensive line that was 28th in rushing yards last year with one of the best RBs in the league; Kenneth Walker III. Geno Smith and Sam Howell should also be relieved with this pick.

17.  A team can never have too much depth at CB, and the Jags take the best one in the draft. Mitchell should immediately help this squad that finished 26th in passing yards allowed.

18.  The Bengals love LSU (Burrow, Chase, etc.), and they will go back to that well after losing Tyler Boyd. Brian Thomas Jr, and Ja’Marr…the Bengals offense doesn’t lose a step.

19.  Aaron Donald is gone, HOWEVER I’m changing my mind on Byron Murphy. Rams DT Kobie Turner is legit with nine sacks last year, and they need help at CB even after signing Tre’Davious White (1-year/$8.5M) and Darious Williams (3-years/$30M).

20.  Who’s the Steelers starting QB? It doesn’t matter if your O-line is bad. They were 25th in passing yards, 25th in total yards, and 28th in points scored. Their OL is a mess outside of LT, Broderick Jones. Powers-Johnson at Center just makes sense.

21.  The Dolphins will be ticked about the Steelers pick. They need interior line help too. Graham Barton can play Center or Guard, and the Dolphins seem to like moving guys around the O-line.

22.  Originally, I had CB Terrion Arnold here, but he’s gone now. That doesn’t change the need for CB in Philly. They were 31st in passing yards allowed, 30th in points allowed, and 25th in INTs. Cooper DeJean has an eye for the ball and goes from Hawkeye to Eagle.

23.  IF the Vikings still have this pick after trading with the Giants, they need to replace Danielle Hunter. Latu is one of the best Edge players in the draft.

24.  Originally, I had O-Lineman, Graham Barton here, but he’s been selected. Dallas looks at the other side of the trenches now and goes with Texas Longhorn, DT Byron Murphy.

25.  I’m not feeling really confident in the Packers O-line, and Amarius Mims is the best player on the board (I would rank him somewhere around 20-21), so it’s an easy decision to make in order to protect your newly confirmed franchise QB.

26.  The Bucs were 23rd in yards allowed, and 29th in passing yards allowed last year. They need to get some pressure on opposing QBs and Chop Robison is big and FAST (4.48 40!)

27.  The Cards got Sean Murphy-Bunting from the Titans, and they have second-year CB, Garrett Williams. They need more help, and Nate Wiggins could be a starter right away for ‘Zona.

28.  After losing Wire Receiver, Gabe Davis, the Bills could use a big (6’2″), FAST (4.34 40) receiver like Mitchell to pair with Stefon Diggs. 

29.  The Lions were 27th in passing yards allowed and have already started to revamp their CB room. You might as well ad some “blue raspberry” Kool-Aid!

30.  Baltimore lost most of it’s O-line this offseason so the fact that OT Tyler Guyton is still there will be a blessing for Lamar and the King.

31.  Defense wins championships, and the 49ers could have used a little more pressure on Mahomes. Less offensive holding not being called would help too, but then you have to buy refs instead.

32.  Eventually the Chiefs are going to need offensive linemen that are actually good at something other than getting away with holding. Here’s a start.

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