2023 NFL Week 1 Upsets

2023 NFL Week 1 Upsets

Happy Kickoff Eve!! Yes, the 2023 NFL Regular Season FINALLY starts tomorrow night with the Detroit Lions at the Kansas City Chiefs! This is an unusual start to the regular season because usually the first game of the year on Thursday night has some kind of meaning. It’s either a playoff rematch from last year, or there’s some kind of connection between the two teams, like a former coach or quarterback facing their old team. But this one…I don’t get. However, I also don’t care because it’s FOOTBALL SEASON!! 

While tomorrow nights game did not make my “Upsets for the Week”, it almost could have at this point since Travis Kelce hyperextended his knee in yesterday’s practice and probably won’t play tomorrow night. With any other “Super Bowl contending team”, you would automatically say that they have to be able to beat the Chiefs now. However, this is the Lions, and we don’t quite know what to expect of them, EXCEPT that they are going to win the NFC North. 

This could be a great first win for the Lions that would have been otherwise unexpected. Let’s get on with the upsets!!

Cleveland Browns over the Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals play in Cleveland during Week 1 of the NFL, and everyone seems to think that Cincinnati is going to just roll right over the Browns. Here’s why they won’t: First, the Bengals are a slow starting team.

Doesn’t anyone remember how they lost to the Steeler AT HOME in Week 1 last year, and then went to Dallas the following week and got whooped by them ‘Boys? Second, is Joe Burrow, who is still questionable to play in Week 1. Even if he does play, he’s missed a lot of chemistry with the team during the last two months. A slow start for the Bengals, and a slow start for Joe. Lastly, the Browns are not that bad of a team. I’m not saying that they’re going to go to the playoffs or anything…because they aren’t. But I still have them going 9-8 this season, and the Bengals ARE a division rival. Browns by 4.

Myles Garrett

New York Giants Over the Dallas Cowboys

Everyone seems to be hating the Giants. Is it because of the Saquon Barkley ordeal? Is it because they paid Daniel Jones WAY more than he was worth? Or is it because they legit don’t have a Wide Receiver group that you could name half of? They have Darren Waller now, so that must be a plus, right? The Giants O-line seems solid, and the Defense should still be able to put pressure on Dak. The Cowboys on the other hand have a great WR DUO in CeeDee Lamb and Brandin Cooks. Either one of these two vs. Banks should be fun to watch. However, Michael Gallup has yet to be impressive. Last year he caught 39 passes for 424 yards and four TDs. Whoopity doo. The Dallas D, led by Micah Parsons and Trevon Diggs won’t let this game become a blow-out though. I’ll take the Giants by 3.

Saquon for the Score!

New York Jets over the Buffalo Bills

Seriously, no love for New York teams this week (not including Buffalo, of course)?! Not even for the JETS?! C’mon, man. I’m telling you now; the Bills are OVERRATED. 

They don’t have a strong running game, their WR3 is someone by the name of Khalil Shakir, and Josh Allen is statistically only a very good QB. In the last two seasons Allen has thrown 36 TDs with 15 INTs, and 35 TDs with 14 INTs. If Buffalo goes 10-7 and slides into the playoffs as a Wild Card, they should be content. The Jets on the other hand have a dual threat running game with Breece Hall and Dalvin Cook, last year’s DROY and OROY with Sauce Gardner and Garrett Wilson, and now a 4-time MVP at QB in Aaron Rodgers. They aren’t projected to win…AT HOME? That’s just disrespectful. I’ll take the Jets by 6.


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